How to Send Confetti on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide for Fun Messages

Sending confetti on an iPhone 13 is a fun way to add some excitement to your messages. It’s super easy and only takes a few steps. You’ll be using the Messages app, and before you know it, you’ll be filling your friend’s screen with celebratory confetti!

How to Send Confetti on iPhone 13

Sending confetti through the Messages app on your iPhone 13 can make any message more festive. Here’s a simple guide to show you how to do it.

Step 1: Open the Messages App

First, open the Messages app on your iPhone 13.

Your Messages app is where you’ll find all your text conversations. Look for the green icon with a white speech bubble.

Step 2: Start a New Message or Open an Existing Conversation

Next, tap on the compose button to start a new message, or select a chat from your messages list.

You can either start a new conversation or surprise someone in an ongoing chat. Totally up to you!

Step 3: Type Your Message

Type the message you want to send with confetti.

Make it something worth celebrating! You can send a simple "Congratulations!" or "Happy Birthday!"

Step 4: Press and Hold the Send Button

Press and hold the blue send button (it looks like an upward arrow).

This might feel a bit different from your usual quick tap, but don’t worry! A new screen will pop up with your message.

Step 5: Select the "Screen" Tab

On the next screen, tap on the "Screen" tab at the top of the screen.

You’ll see different effects here. We’ve got options, but we’re going for the confetti today.

Step 6: Swipe Left Until You See the Confetti Effect

Swipe left until you see the confetti effect.

Keep swiping until you see the confetti effect. It should look like a burst of colorful pieces falling from the top.

Step 7: Tap the Send Button

Finally, tap the send button again to send your message with the confetti effect.

Your message will now be sent along with a glorious shower of confetti!

After you complete these steps, your recipient will see your message along with a delightful display of confetti filling their screen. It’s a great way to add some extra joy to your texts!

Tips for Sending Confetti on iPhone 13

  • Try using different message effects like balloons or fireworks for variety.
  • Experiment with other screen effects by swiping left before choosing confetti.
  • Make sure your iPhone software is up to date to access all the latest features.
  • Keep your message brief and celebratory for the best effect.
  • Don’t overuse effects – save them for special occasions to keep them exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need iOS 15 to send confetti on iPhone 13?

No, you don’t need iOS 15 specifically, but your iPhone should be up to date with the latest iOS version to ensure all features work properly.

Can I send confetti in group messages?

Yes, you can send confetti in both individual and group messages using the same steps.

Will the recipient see the confetti if they have an Android phone?

No, confetti effects are a feature of iMessage and will only display on Apple devices.

Can I cancel the confetti effect after sending it?

No, once you send the message with the confetti effect, it can’t be canceled.

What other screen effects are available?

Other screen effects include balloons, fireworks, lasers, and more. You can explore these by swiping left in the Screen tab.


  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Start a new message or open an existing conversation.
  3. Type your message.
  4. Press and hold the send button.
  5. Select the "Screen" tab.
  6. Swipe left until you see the confetti effect.
  7. Tap the send button.


Sending confetti on your iPhone 13 is a simple yet delightful way to make your messages stand out. Whether it’s a birthday wish, a congratulations note, or just a fun surprise, adding confetti can make your text more memorable. Remember, this feature is exclusive to Apple devices, so make sure your recipient is using an iPhone too.

If you enjoyed learning about this feature, consider exploring other messaging effects available on your iPhone 13. You might find balloons, lasers, and even fireworks to add even more flair to your messages. Keep your iPhone updated and experiment with different effects to keep your texts fun and engaging.

So next time you want to brighten someone’s day, why not send a message with a burst of confetti?